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KAPU Sacred Hawaiian Burials Film

Over twenty years ago, a native Hawaiian named Keoni Kealoha Alvarez found his calling when he stumbled upon on a secret cave in the woods near his ancestral home. Inside this cave were iwi, the sacred bones of native Hawaiians from generations past. At only eight years old, Keoni could not begin to imagine how this discovery would change his life.


For hundreds of years, Hawaiians have fought a battle for ownership to the rights of native Hawaiian burial grounds, keeping the sacred bones of their ancestors safe. In 2002, Keoni’s district became the target for developers who sought affordable property on the island.


Faced with a powerful, wealthy outsider who threatened to plow through the cave near his home, Keoni found himself in the position of David against his own version of a seemingly unconquerable Goliath.


The story will take viewers along Keoni’s journey in realizing his identity, heritage, and ultimately his legacy within the tradition of protecting his land for his people. Until Keoni knows what will happen to the property, he will remain the keeper of this cave to prevent this burial ground from going under.


Until he can be convinced that the lands and the history they contain are safe, Keoni will not relinquish his responsibility as keeper of the cave. He guards something that, for his people, is more valuable and much more precious than gold: the resting place of the iwi of his ancestors. 

KAPU "Sacred Hawaiian Burials"

Kapu Film

Hawaiian burial film

Keoni Alvarez

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