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David Malo

February 18, 1795 - October 25, 1853

He was a chiefly counselor, a Hawaiian intellectual, educator, politician and minister. He is remembered by subsequent generations of Hawaiian people and scholars primarily as a Native Hawaiian historian of Hawaiian culture and burials methods. 

Samuel Mānaiakalani Kamakau

October 29, 1815 - September 5, 1876

He was a Hawaiian historian and scholar. His work appeared in local newspapers and was later compiled into books, becoming an invaluable resource on the Hawaiian people, Hawaiian culture and burials methods.

Mary Kawena Pukui

April 20, 1895 - May 21, 1986 

She was a Hawaiian scholar, author, composer, hula expert and educator. She wrote about traditional Hawaiian burial practices. 

Native Hawaiian Rights Handbook

By: Melody Kapilialoha Mackenzie

She wrote about Hawaiian rights which has a chapter that protects

Hawaiian traditional burial practices. 

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