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10 steps of proactive ACTION if a historic Hawaiian burial or burial ground is being desecrated?

What is Desecration of graves mean? involves intentional acts of vandalism, theft or destruction in places where humans are interred: this includes body snatching. It has long been considered taboo to desecrate or otherwise violate graves or grave markers of the deceased, and in modern times it has been prohibited by law.

1. Call the police prior to alerting property owner for security issues in case property owner gets upset. Approach property owner or developer cautiously but firmly and respectfully explain why they must stop.

2. Call your local police department and make a police report immediately. 
(Write date, officers name, badge # and always get the police report number before officer leaves) 

3. Take pictures, audio or video (Document everything) 

4. Take down names of persons involved.

5. Call The State Historic Preservation Department as soon as possible.
(Write state clerk name and phone number) 

6. Schedule a State archeologist site visit to record burial and findings. 

7. Find Hawaiian elders, Hawaiian families or organizations that has resources of information about the burial area. 

8. Get on the Hawai'i Burial Council Agenda
(Give oral or written testimony) 

9. Make a binder to file your documents. (Make a paper trail) 

10. Call Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation (Legal advice)   

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